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welcome to the launch of wardialers. some may visit this site and ask, "why". welp, since i discovered my first wardialer on my trusty atari 800xl back in the 80's i have been fascinated by wardialers, ld-code scanners, NUA scanners, voicemail hackers, etc. i began collecting such software at a very early age but unfortunatley have lost said collections on several different occasions. I decided a few years ago that along with rare BBS software that I would begin archiving these types of apps. I have software for everything from Tandy to unix, to Atari 800, to palm pilot. I also have several pieces of BBS software that does not appear on the bbsdocumentary.com site (which is an amazing site) that will be found in my archives. Finally I have a few things that fall into other categories that will be found here at wardialers.org - almost all of it dealing with the computer/telephone underground from the period of around 1971 to 2000 or so.

i want to thank each and every visitor who hits this site, reads through the archives and/or (eventually) downloads programs. i hope maybe some of the nostalgia that collecting this stuff that fills me up also has a positive effect on you.

this text will remain "sticky" at the top of this page - but going forward I will try to give updates when I add/find new software, make changes to the site, etc..

- wardialers.org staff


Trick or PHREAK! Some cleaning up of existing entries was done last week as well as some other general housekeeping. I saw an entry update to the wikipedia entry for "wardialing" that stated wardialing was also known as "janning" - a term I have never heard before. If any of my many faithful followers has a clue about the origins of this term please let me know.

I will begin adding the VAST number of entries for Commodore phreaking apps within the next few days. I will also be neatening up the main list display method and slowly but surely will begin adding some screenshots. There is a method to the madness, and I think all of you (lol) will agree that things are looking pretty nice. Anyways - thats all for now. Talk soon!

- wardialers.org staff


still working on adding content, marketing the site as well as marketing 8bu.

I will soon be moving the description field to the "double click event" which will eventually also house downloads and screenshots.

Thats really all I've got for now. Please keep visiting - this site will be changing soon!!!

- wardialers.org staff