.: #bounties

this site exists because i am a bit obsessed over collecting old computer underground related software - a fetish i have had since it all began back around 1979. it also exists because i wish to preserve this software for the general population as with time, they will become harder and harder to find on the internet.

my interests include but are not necessarily limited to: wardialers, long distance code hackers, voice mail hackers, annoyance dialers, x.25 scanners, file trading software, underground/unknown bbs software, cracktros, and more. i collect this software for all 8-bit computers (atari, commodore, timex, tandy, etc) as well as 16-bit computers (atari ST, amiga, etc).

while i have also collected a huge amount of DOS/Windows hacking/phreaking software, that is not really what this site is about (for now).

with that said, there will be a bounty system in effect here at wardialers.org. because this site is still in its infancy, i am not positive how it will work but what i will do for now is provide a list of items that i would be willing to pay money for. i know what these apps look like, i even know what the file structure looks like for each of them, so trying to trick me for a buck won't really work.

for now - this is what i seek:

  • hack/phreak tools:

  • Happy Hacker (Atari 8bit)
  • Auto-Scan by Crusader (Atari 8bit)
  • Cardhacker by Crusader (Atari 8bit
  • The ProHack Series by Crusader (Atari 8Bit)
  • The Thief by Crusader (Atari 8Bit)
  • ARTS (Atari Remote Trading System) by Crusader (Atari 8bit)

  • bbs software:

  • Acid BBS (MS-DOS)
  • Marshware BBS (Atari 8bit)
  • Blue Board BBS (c64)
  • FoReM Elite (Atari ST)
  • FoReM PC (MS DOS)
  • Genesis-PC (By Kiriwuth Path) (MS DOS)
  • BB/ST 2.x (Atari ST)
  • RatSOFT XE (Atari 8bit)
  • Technical Difficulties XE (Atari 8bit)
  • TransPhor by Brew Associates (NOT to be mistaken for Transphor 2000, which I wrote/hacked) (MS-DOS)